This is Her journey to self love and expression. A trip to where she needs to be. Finding Her home in Her heart and living there in Her truth.

Welcome to my blog! Just one small reminder... "I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shi*" 


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Can I Speak My Truth by Bianca Toussaint

Can I Speak My Truth by Bianca Toussaint

ConGradulations Queen : Can I speak my truth?

Oh Bianica


I was academically dismissed twice from Borough of Manhattan Community College, I swear I was going to give up. I was chasing some boy, my gpa was trash,  and life was throwing the craziest curveballs. I preferred partying and smoking weed because it was the easiest and it made so much of my failures feel better & momentarily disappear.


I was so undisciplined - even to the point that I was ready to rule out getting my associates degree because I felt like the 9 dollars I earned at Abercrombie & Fitch and then the 11 dollars I was earning at Uniqlo could get me through anything - because I always could buy fly shit. Nah, glad I snapped out of that quickly.

I proudly come from an educated household, so I'm not sure how I fell victim to this worlds tricks. I started following people that were actually following me. The cycle of an oppressed mind. 

I still don't know how I made it to this point, because of how my mind made me forget -almost like human instinct didn't want me remember the most humiliating parts of my story. 

Gods grace and mercy brought me here, I was as lost as we consider the generation behind us to be... um yikes! 

There's so many more layers to this but I just needed to tell you guys that I'm so thankful, all the words in the world couldn't express the love God has for me - but, the greatest thing is that He has this love for anyone who chooses him. Choices people.


Oh, no big deal. Bachelors of Science - Biology. #Boom!

Just some more #Blackgirlmagic for the world. You're welcome!  

Bio Major... Sooo MAJOR! 

His Perspective

His Perspective

You are your greatest creation -🖤 By Arial Elliott

You are your greatest creation -🖤 By Arial Elliott