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Story Time: Based on True Events - P1

Story Time: Based on True Events - P1

"Walt, you're my boyfriend now, okay?"

There was no real reason for me to say this, it kind of came out of nowhere. He and I barely spoke more than 8 sentences to each other. I have a thing for the quiet men. They interuge me. He was very quiet, so much so,  that I often questioned weather or not he spoke English. He laughed a lot too, and his laugh made me feel cool. I like that he made me feel that way. So, I guess I said this to get a giggle out of him. 

"Okay" He said "What do I have to do?"

"On Monday, I'm going to need a single red rose. Then, it's official" I said.

"Aight, bet. But how am I gonna be your man if I don't have your number" 

As we exchanged numbers, I didn't think anything of it. I honestly just chucked this up as one of the many times where I am entirely too flirty. 

My weekend went on without a hitch. I went out with my girlfriends, talked a bunch of shhh, had entirely too much to drink, caught up on Netflix's and rested on Sunday. Uneventful.

I was sitting in the back of the store, finishing my profit and loss statements for the month, when I got a text from Walt asking if I would like to join him for lunch. 


I had just finished my reports when I looked at the time 1:12pm "Shit" I said aloud. I checked myself in the mirror (BEAT, per usual) and headed for the exit. 

He was there, face in his phone back toward the entrance. I walked up behind him and slowly traced my fingers across his shoulders. He didn't flinch, so unbothered. As if he felt my presence and predicted my movement. 

He turned around and greeted me "Hey, you". As we walked to our lunch destinations, I tried very hard to pry out of him what kind of food we were gonna eat. He didn't budge. I was slightly annoyed. 

We stopped infront of an Ice Cream/ Gelato Shop and he held the door open for me "ladies first". I walked in and was immediately thrilled. 

Side Bar: If there are any men reading this, if the first date or the first few dates don't include Ice Cream... You're going nowhere fast bro. Trust me!

We sat in the back; a private area of the pallor reserved for parties. We sat and just gelled! Jokes for days. We went over the usual questions you would on any first outing with someone. But, the entire vibe was different. He was so cool. Not cool in the way that made him douchy... But a calm. It was comforting to know that there are still men with a sense of composure. I admired that.

As we walked back to the office,  we kept bumbing our arms into each other. Unsure if  I was doing this on purpose just to cop a feel or if he was attempting the same. After the third or forth time of subcousiously rubbing on him he joked "don't be shy, bring that elbow over here girl" We laughed.... It was me. I'm a creep. 

Before we entered the building I stopped him to tell him thank you, "It was really cool" I said. I pinched his cheek right before stepping in and walking towards my office. 

"Back to work", I said to myself as I gathered my reports one more time to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I decided to finish the rest of my work out of the office on the sales floor. Just to keep a closer eye on what was going on, my day was almost over and I've been cooped up in the back. 

As I was speaking with one of my co-workers I heard someone at the front desk call my name. I looked over and that person was signaling a white man with flowers over to me... "I'm confused" I thought to myself. 

He asked my name and I told him skeptically, he then handed me the most beautiful flowers. There had to be 3 dozen. The whole place erupted in ooooh's and applause and I was trying to figure out who made this mistake. I was turning as red as any black girl under unwanted attention and told everyone to "be cool". Realizing that the comment was more for me that anyone else. 

I thanked the delivery guy and took the flowers to the back. I pulled the small card out and it read: 

"Now... It's official" 

"He didn't....He couldn't have" I thought. I stood there dumbfounded for at least a minute trying to collect a solid thought... This was smooth. I wasn't expecting this. I knew right then I liked him. The quite ones always surprise me. "Crap!" 

I took my phone from my pocket and sent him a message


There you go flirting again, I said to myself..

I placed my phone on my desk and sat down. This flirting business is always getting me into some shit. I can't start dating someone... I already have a boyfriend... 


To be continued...


Story Time: Based on True Events - P2

Story Time: Based on True Events - P2

My distraction

My distraction