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Story Time: Based On True Events - P3

Story Time: Based On True Events - P3

"I'm going to ask you one more time... Who was that man you were with?"

"A friend Raymond. Why do you keep asking? I'm going to give you the same answer!"

I was beginning to get more annoyed than scared. He was really trying to pull information that I really didn't have. In all honesty, Walt was my friend. Today was the first time we kissed. I would be damned if I told Ray that though. He was way too upset to poke the lion. So, my plan (and we all know how well those work out for me) is to give him some space and tell him that we should take some time apart in a few days. Right now, is not the time. 

"Baby, I love you. Whatever it is that I'm not doing or that I have done to make you want to find new "friends" tell me and I promise to work on it. I don't want to loose you"

"I.... uhhh. Ray. I..." I said and covered my face with my hands. 

"I'll give you some time, just make sure you and I end up on the right side".  He said walking backwards

Raymond walked out my apartment and for the first time in our entire 9 months together, I felt my heart leave with him. This is a new feeling to me, I didn't think I had these kinds of feelings for him. Why is this happening right now, I thought to myself. This is exactly what I thought to say to him, why does this hurt?

I walked into my kitchen, pulled the bottle of Tito's   Vodka out of my cabinet and poured a few  shots.

I am not at all a drinker, but this is as good a time if any to drown my sorrows in a bottle. I don't really remember what happened after shot number 4 but I woke up to the sun shining through my window and the door bell ringing nonstop. "Shit!" I though as I woke up with a pounding headache

I immediately thought it was Raymond, so I went down open the door for a continuation of last night's conversation. 

Every time I see him I feel like melting. Walt stood in front of the door waiting for me to open it.

It wasn't till I saw him look at me through the small window on the door did I realize how much of a hot mess I looked. I even smelled like a bad time.. Too late to turn back, now.

 I opened the door and he laughed, that laugh I loved so much and said "You look like hell"

"Aw that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me" In a very sarcastic tone. I haven't had him upstairs yet but I wouldn't dare step foot outside looking like this. I need a shower and an Advil. And some mascara. 

He followed me upstairs with two bags he picked up from the stoop. We walked into my apartment and he placed the bag on the kitchen Island. 

There was a fruit platter, French toast, sausage, fried eggs and bacon. I couldn't have been any happier. I was so hungry and this made me feel better. 

We ate in silence and I think we both knew exactly what needed to be said and didn't want to be the first to say it.  I finished my breakfast and told him I was gonna to get ready. 

"Aight boo, I'm not going anywhere"

I only step into the shower when the steam from the water fills the entire bathroom, it makes me feel like I'm at the Spa. I lit a candle and undressed. Under the water felt like all my worries from yesterday were flowing away. I needed this more than I thought. 

The bathroom door opened and he stood there. I felt him trying to come up with the right words. 

"I know" I said.

"Are you okay?" He asked

Not what I expected him to ask first but I'll take it.  "I'm fine"

"I stayed back to make sure nothing crazy happened, I saw when he left. I just wanted to make sure you were aight" 

"Thank you, I have some explaining to do huh?" 

He pulled back the cloth curtain, leaving the clear plastic shower Curtin  to separate us and the splashing  water. 

He took a quick look over all of me and I got hot.

His jaw line tensed but he didn't react. We just stared at each other, until he caught his thought and broke the silence. 

"nah, it's cool. everyone has baggage and shit they're dealing with. As long as you're okay, I'm okay"

"Really?" I asked confused.

"Yea, handle that shit though. I want all of you. Not just the parts he doesn't have. You understand?"

"yea, I will"

"Good, the quicker you do that, the faster I get to join you in that shower" He said and laughed

He pulls the curtain back, and takes a hold of my hand. He lifts it to his lips and kisses it softly.

 I leaned forward, hungry for more of his touch. He kisses my lips, then traces his nose to my collar bone and licks the running water from my neck. I melted...

"Finish up" he said as he walked out of the bathroom.

Leaving me in the bathroom looking dumb... and soaking wet. 

I walked into work feeling guilty. After spending all of Saturday with Walt  especailly after what Raymond asked me to do. 

Walt and I and really got time to talk about everything. I finally told him all about Ray and though he didn't like it, he listened to me. 

We Netflix and chilled the rest of the day. I knew I had to figure out where I wanted to be. Raymond has been blowing up my phone since yesterday, and I really did want to see him, because honestly. I missed him, but I don't have the answers he's looking for right now. I turned my phone off after awhile yesterday. I didn't hear from Walt and Raymond's  text had me in my bag and I didn't exactly like that feeling. So Airplane mode it went.

I decided to take the day for myself, mani & Pedi, you know.. Girl stuff.

Coming back to work after the weekend I had is tough, I just want to lay low. Stay out of everyone's way... Especially Walt's. I don't have answers for him either. I need a vacation, this is all too much. 


Erica walked into my store with the hugest smile on her face. I just knew I was about to hear some good news. Tammy followed in soon after as she and I were talking about how similar our nail colors were. 

"So guess who we were with all day yesterday?" Erica asked  

"Who!?" I asked"

"My future husband" Erica says with a huge smile. "He finally came over and spent the day with me, it was just like old times" 

"I met up with them at the Bar on Caldwell for dinner"  Said Tammy

"Shut up!" I said surprised "So, spill! What happened!?" I asked

Erica told me how "side piece" picked her up from church and they had a very well thought out brunch date. They headed back to her place afterwards and spoke about their fallen out. She finially told him how she feels and what prevented their relationship from moving forward. She said she feels like they had a breakthrough, and she thought that things were gonna work out for them. I was happy to hear this, she deserve her happily ever after.

"Soooo, did ya'll hook up?" I asked the most important question

"Girlllll, did we!"

"Yassssss! At leaast one of us had a good weekend. You wouldn't believe the shit I got myself into" I vented

"What you mean?" Tammy questioned

I told them how I got caught with "New Bae" outside of my house after our date by Raymond. I told them everything Raymond said and how much he apparently loves me all of a sudden and how "new bae" stayed outside and made sure I was okay. I explained in grave detail how he showed up with breakfast in the morning, and how messed up I looked. Of course I filled them in on that shower moment that would have gotten me pregnant under different circumstance. They were both spinning by the end of my story.

"I know, it was insane."

"What the hell girl!" Erica said

"You have to make a decision bitch! Who looks better? Who do you feel more for"

"I'm not gonna hold you up, "new bae" is a fire one, and he makes me want to literally melt. I kind of want to explore that. I'm really feeling him. I might even think I'm falling for him. He so different" I confessed

"So there! Your mind is made up. Just take a few more days for yourself and move forward. 

it was good advice. Easier said then done though.

"I'm gonna tell ya'll something, but you both have to promise it won't leave this office.."

They agreed. 

"New bae is Walt" I said and sunk into my seat

"What Walt?" asked Tammy

"Walt from upstairs, the one that works here"

They both looked at each other. Erica looked like she saw a ghost. I mean the girl was extra pale. 

"We have to tell her" Tammy said in a hush tone to Erica

"Wait, tell me what!!?" I asked confused "Who fucked him" I said knowing how girls are

"Tell her" Tammy told Erica in a stern tone

"So, apparently our nail color isn't the only thing we have in common. 'side piece" is Walt. My first black guy.. We were together for 2 years. It was him. It's Walt" 

Her words were like daggers to my soul. How!? Just how! The past 72 hours have been something straight out of an episode of Love & Hip Hop. A single tear left my eye, I couldn't deal with what was happening to my life right now. 

"but I want him" I said to Erica 

"Fuck out of here!" Tammy screams at me....


My mouth always got me into shit my ass can't get out of. 


THE END.....

                                                 or is it.... 



You are your greatest creation -🖤 By Arial Elliott

You are your greatest creation -🖤 By Arial Elliott

Story Time: Based on True Events - P2

Story Time: Based on True Events - P2