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The Homecoming - Part Two

The Homecoming - Part Two

"Dion honey, I expected you back sooner" Chandler said 

“My love, I’m sorry - the girls wanted to grab something to eat after Kove.” I respond while walking up the stairs to head to our bedroom. 

“And who am I to deny a meal” I finish off the statement. 

I get into the bathroom, grab a seat to take off my YSL stilettos. One things about expensive shoes; you definitely pay the price for them looking so damn good. My feet are killing me!

As I turn on the shower and undress - I memorize on what my body just went through 15 minutes ago. The way Que touches me is as if like knows exactly what I need. It’s so easy to get caught up in that to get caught up in him.

As quickly as the thought came, I dismissed it.  He's  too close to home. This messing around was cool when we lived states apart. An occasional fling. He’s going to move here now. 

I panicked a bit on how messy this move might be for both me and my vagina. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. 

Chandler peeks his head in to see me fully naked. 

“May I join you?” He asked as he lifted his black  V-neck T-shirt over his head

Chandler was very nice to look at. I struck gold with him. Literally and figuratively. He’s 12 years older than I am, and his family owns half of the DMV. The Real estate tycoons they’ve been branded. He and I met through my dad. He works as my father’s Chef if staff, and I’m certain my father set this Union up. Marrying well meant a lot to my family. I’m not mad though, I could have done a lot worst.

Chandler and I have been married for two years. He worships the ground I walk on. He’s completely fine with the idea of me being a kept wife and I love that about him. 

I take one good look at his 6’4, muscular frame and respond “you better” to his inviting question 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  His dark black hair and icy blue eyes gets me every time. I reach up and wrap my hands around his neck. He lifts me up and I welcome his embrace by wrapping my legs around his waist. He kisses me deeply and passionately as if he knows he has something to prove. I accept it. I enjoy it. 

He walks us into the shower and slowly inserts two fingers into me. Our mouths still locked together - I moan. 

Someone missed me” he says as his fingers are soaked with my juices. 

“Mmm hmm” I respond. Knowing most of that was from Que

He lifts me up a little more and I come down on his manhood. 

“What’s your safe word?” He whispers in my ear.  He thrust deep and hard inside of me, not to miss a beat. 

“Porsche” I manage to say before things got real in the shower. 


I slip the hotel key card into our room door and take off my shows. Neeka hates shoes in the house. Even if it’s not ours. 

“Baby, I’m back” I yell out

I walk in and see her on her phone as usual. 

“What you doing?” I ask

“Working. How was it?' She looks up at me. 

I laugh, “what kind of question is that? You trying to set me up with that one huh” I say as I walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Neeka follows me into the bathroom - A big smile on her face "No set up, just a question" she presses.


It was fine, very normal. I dicked her down and came, and came home” I answer dishonestly. 

I’m not sure why the lie came out. Ever since I told Neeka the truth about Dion and I - she had made this into a business move. Everything is business as usual with her. I love that about her but at times I can't stand it. 

“Good. I made an offer on the house in Potomac. I think it’s the one, very District Attorney” she says walking back into the bedroom. 

Okay, I was thinking the same thing” I admitted 

I know baby, that why I bought it. Anything for you, right?” She says climbing on top of me. 

She’s the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I’ve been in love with her since I was 19 years old, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her. 

“That’s right Queen, anything for you you” I agree

You have to make Dion fall in love with you” she blurts out

“What!? Why?” I ask surprised 

“It’ll be easier to get to her father if she insists on him endorsing your run for DA. He’s the key to securing your position.” She says schooling me to the game - the way I love. 

“Is there no other way? I don’t want the drama that comes from a spoiled rich girl falling in love” I ask hoping for a different option. It’s not a bad idea I just don’t want to play Dion to that extent. She’s the homie. We grew up together. 

“I would prefer the push coming from her. We know her father isn’t the most pro-Black politician we have in the Senate. His stance on gun laws, bridging the opportunity divide in Urban communities and police brutality are pretty much nonexistent. He won’t freely endorse you because of most of your positions. Not to mention I think he’s low key “sleep” as fuck. Someone needs to wake that ass up” she say batting her eyes and looking for me to agree.

I laugh “stay woke!” I say teasing. I kiss her. “Alright, that's the plan. Anything for you, right” I say tossing her from my lap and laying her on her back. 

Yes, Anything for you, King” she says kissing me and reaching into my pants. I love when she takes charge in the bedroom. She’s so assertive in the boardroom and that doesn’t always translate in our bedroom. But when she does... I’m very, very impressed. 

She slides from under me - softly turns me on my back and stands over me. She ties her hair up and I grow eagerly from the excitement. 

Neeka keeps her eyes on me - looking at me deep and seductively. She takes all of me in her warm, wet mouth. All nine of these inches down her throat and I growl in satisfaction. 

I grab a hand full of her beautiful afro and shove myself deeper down her throat. Her eyes haven’t left mine yet. My little boss. I lift her head up slowly, letting the saliva extend and drip from her chin. 

“Stand up, and bend down over there” I say pointing to the wine cabinet in the corner of the room. 

She obeys and walks over slowly to the cabinet, allowing me to appreciate the view. "Good girl” I thought.

I take off my pants and walk over to her. Her body, her skin, HER. My God, she’s perfect. I rub my hand on the side of her waist, gliding down slowly. Enjoying the view, loving my queen. I rub my manhood and release my goodness on her back. I want to get that first nut out the way. She looks back at me with her devilish grin. She knows what’s up!

 She cocks her right leg up on the cabinet and arches her back. I want to enjoy every bit of this. I grab a fist full of her hair, place my hand in the arch of her back and enter her slowly. She wraps perfectly around me, I fill her her and we both gasp. 

“FUCK!” we sing in unison.


I wake up everyday at 5:00am for my personal training session with Simone. 

“Honey” Chandler say while creasing my face “Breakfast is ready” 


I leaned into his hand, remembering how amazing last night was in our shower. I open my eyes and quickly realize that I must have slept in late if breakfast has already been prepared. 

“Where’s Simone?” I ask

“I sent her home. I told her you went out and had an eventful night.” He says chuckling 

“More than you know” I admit, while getting up from bed. 

I reach for my robe and instantly regret not using the safe word. I winched and look over at my husband, who has the largest smile on his face

“Don’t you dare tease me! I got this” I say as I struggle to put on my robe. 

Chandler comes behind me to assist. “I would never, honey” he says winking his eye at me.


He takes my hand and walks me down the stairs into our kitchen. He must have known the beautiful damage he did to me last night, because I needed all the help I could get going down the stairs. 

“Would you like some coffee, dear” Chandler ask me 

I shoot him a look that says “you should know better” I always want coffee.

“Okay, okay! I know” he responds to our quite conversation. 

“Baby, have you seen my phone” I ask him. 

“I’ll get it, it’s upstairs on the charger” He replies

“Thank you, love” I say in my babydoll voice. It works so well to get whatever I want. 

I make both of us a plate and place them on the island. I pour two glasses of OJ and grab his newspaper from the dining room table.  

He return with my phone, his laptop and a few folders in his hand. He puts our things down and finishes pouring our coffee. 

He sits next to me, kissing my cheek and notions for me to eat. Chandler is in work mode. So, I leave him to it.

I pick up my phone and it is good to see that me sleeping in hasn’t stopped business. 19 emails, 57 text messages, 3 missed calls and the list goes on. I open the messages knowing that my group chat with the girls must be filled with tea from last night.

A number that wasn’t saved in my phone stuck out to me. I open the text. 



I’m not sure why this message made me smile, made my heart flutter a bit. 

Without thinking twice...


To be continued....


Confidently Lost..

Confidently Lost..

Homecoming - Part One

Homecoming - Part One