This is Her journey to self love and expression. A trip to where she needs to be. Finding Her home in Her heart and living there in Her truth.

Welcome to my blog! Just one small reminder... "I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shi*" 


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Wedding Bells

It’s so necessary that we learn to love ourselves

Like, really really love our beings

Taking time out to genuinely call ourselves beautiful

not for what we see on the outside

but, for what makes us up on the inside

I never knew that I needed to moisturize my soul so deeply my mind got jealous

I never knew I needed time to let my mind have its way

To let go of worry and to embrace all of me

Every ounce of who I need to be

Who I want to be, and who I have been

To marry the mind, body and soul

To finally accept that we are more than enough

You deserve everything

A self loving, self obsessed - and way overdue - wedding day to you,

from you..

Cheers to US!

Workout Plan

Workout Plan

Protect Your Gift

Protect Your Gift