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Homecoming - Part One

Homecoming - Part One

"ayeee okayyy” screams the girls at the top of their lungs as they hype me on. I’m killing shit on the dance floor! The champagne is hitting and we look good.

It’s a typical Thursday night in D.C., Kove Lounge is popping! All of the black elite are in the building. The section we have reserved is swarming with the thristy bitches who really can’t stand us but, stand next to us for clout.

In this city it’s all about who you know - so my girls and I are tight. No new friends - because we know that people smell opportunity like freshly baked bread around here.

The 4 of us - Tia and Jess (they’re sisters) Faith and me, Dion grew up what you might call “well off” in Mitchellville, the Ville for short. Our parents are some of Black Washington DC’s finest power players. lawmakers and Lobbyists alike. We never needed for anything and the game came easy to us. 

Yo, Di is that Que fine ass over there? Want to go say hi?” Jess says in my ear

Nope! I don’t speak first. You know that” I say as I keep dancing not missing a beat

Que and I have been off and on since I could remember. We grew up together, puppy love type shit. It wasn’t until he got his first taste of pussy that he wasn’t really checking for me like that. It became all about this girl named Neeka - I ain’t gon front, she was fine. Mocha complexion, thick curly hair and a booty that you could see from the front. I totally understood Que need for that. At the time I was 16, Que was almost 18 and I barely had titties! So, I wasn’t really stressing shit. I had to charge that to the game. 

The summer of my Junior year in college he and I bumped into each other at the mall. I had on Roberto Cavali white lining shorts, a bralette from Fashion Nova and my Gucci slides. He got a nose full of my Flower Bomb perfume, took a good look at me and I knew he regretted passing up on this years back. 

I broke him off a piece of this nani right before I left for school and he's been stealing a taste ever since.

No matter how many times we hooked up - it never got messy. I know he has Neeka and although we don’t speak about her much she is never too far behind.

Que and Neeka moved to up to NYC two years ago, and he hasn't come to visit much since, so seeing him here tonight is a bit shocking to me.

And there goes his shadow” says Faith with the shade.

Faith and Neeka never really clicked. Just hi and bye for them two - the rest of us and Neeka were cordial. There was no known need for beef so we didn’t make any. Faith thought she was sneaky. She always would say “Her aura is off to me”. I didn’t get that from her. She was a quite girl, who was about her business and I respected that - if nothing else.

Neeka didn’t come from the Villie like us, she grew up on the other side of town. I heard it sometimes took her two hours to get to our high school on the Metro; that was before Que’s parents bought her a car on her 17th birthday. They've been inseperatable ever since. She graduated AKA from Howard, went to Yale with Que for law school. 

What’s good Dion?” Que says with his arms open for a big hug.

I embrace him and peep Neeka closely on his hills.

Hey you two!” I respond with my game face on. I shimmy over to Neeka who was finishing hugging the girls - Faith included- and pecked her on the cheek.

What ya doing here” asks Tia

We are looking at some property in Potomac - Que saw the opening for District Attorney in Maryland and we thought it would be a good time to come back home” Neeka replied.

Que and I give each other a short look and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

Tia and Neeka finished their conversation on the side and Que, Faith, Jess and I sat down to pour ourselves some champagne.

To the naked eye, you would never know Que and I mess around. I didn’t even tell my girls. No one knows. This was our secret. My father always told me “if you want to keep a secret - don’t tell nobody”.  So that’s what I'm doing.

Que sits next to me and whispers in my ear - I nod seriously as if he’s telling me the codes to release the nuclear weapons.

I want to taste you” he said gliding his tongue on my ear. I nod again and move away to whisper in Jess ear “He's a mess”. I wink at him and we all laugh. I felt Neeka’s glance and didn’t want to chance Que’s little performance to any suspicion.

I raise my glass, and the rest of my girls followed suit “ To homecoming!” I tip my champagne flute to Neeka and she smiles brightly and mouths “thank you”.

The DJ plays Yo Gotti’s 'Rake it up' feature Nikki Minaj I jump up and move to the music. Que two steps over to Neeka and I mouth to him “You got it”. He smirks and wraps his arms around his woman.

Que and Neeka chilled with us for the rest of the night. It's good to have them home. 

"Where are you guys staying?" Asked Tia

At the Hilton on Main - just a few blocks up” Nekka responds

Yours or mine?” Que whispered while reaching for his hug goodbye.

Yours, for sure” I respond and embraced him

"Iight, cool" - he said reaching out for Jess

Why you gotta be so rough Que!?” Jess says plucking his ear

I still owe you for tripping me and making me chip my tooth in 4th grade” he says to her hugging her tighter

We all laugh at the memory

Goodnight Ladies” Neeka says as their Porsche comes around.

Goodnight!” We sang in unison

One by one our drivers pull up to the Entrance of Kove and we say goodbye.

Of course I was the last one standing. Jeremey pulls up, hops out and opens my door.

Goodnight Mrs. Brewer - I hope you enjoyed yourself

I did - thank you Jeremy

Jeremy gets into the driver seat and we take off.

As well pull up to my gate I tell Jeremy that I’d prefer to walk in. He stops the car, lets me out and wishes me a goodnight.

I walk up the driveway just far enough to notice the SUV disappear. I turn back and see Que’s Porsche in the distance. I walk over to his car.

So you requested a meal?” I say getting in the car

I did” - he smiles. Que locks the doors, lowers his chair and says “feed me”.

I climb over the seat and straddle him. His hands firmly caressing my body and in one quick motion, he lifts up my dress and brings my womanhood to his mouth.

No panties” he whispers between my legs. I tremble at the feeling of his words. The first stroke of his tounge takes me for the ride I need. I let out a moan, and that was enough motivation for him to go off.

I came twice before I rose from the most comfortable seat ever. I fixed myself and kissed his cheek. “It is always a pleasure” I say as I close the passenger car door.

He peaks his head out the window as I walk around. Biting his top lip and smiling “the pleasure was all mine”. I wink at him and he drives off.

The best head in life goes to that man. He tongue is vicious. I take out my phone to unlock the entrance to my $4 million  home. “Shit” it’s late I mutter to myself as I see the time.

I walked through the front door to see my husband awake and in his office.

To be continued....


The Homecoming - Part Two

The Homecoming - Part Two

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