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Story Time: Based on True Events - P2

Story Time: Based on True Events - P2

"Yo, are you listening to me?!"

I wasn't really, but I replied yes anyway. Raymond and I have been in a "situationship with each other for the past 8 months and it was... okay. He kind of caught me at a good time, and he lives close to me - which I like. I call it "D on Demand 😊" 

I was finally ready to start dating again, after a very long failed relationship, and a tough break up.

Raymond was a pretty decent guy - minus this random chick that kept popping up every now and again 🤷🏾‍♀️.. He calls himself my man. I don't know if I'd go that far. I would say he's company.  Plus, he was becoming a little too boring to me. 

One thing that keeps us afloat though, is our sex... It's something out of a urban adult novel. Pretty epic! So I didn't mind the mediocracy, as long as it comes with us in bed, afterwards. 

We were grocery shopping for our weekend together, but I couldn't keep focus. All I kept thinking about was Walt and our date last night. That was the 5th time we were out together and each night was better than the last. He was really good at making me feel special. 

"Baby, are you okay?" Raymond asked for the third time this evening. I assured him I was fine, just had a lot of "work stuff" on my mind. I found comfort in that, it was a lie but not really, Walt was work stuff. 

Raymond and I ended our night with an amazing dinner we both prepared and caught up on episodes of "The Vampire Diaries".

We had both dozed off on the couch when my phone rang.. It was Walt. He didn't exactly know about Raymond; and I wasn't ready to give him the full details of my "relationship". I liked hanging out with him and feeling special - so Walt was my little secret. 

I ignored the phone call and got on top of Raymond. He would have thought he was just going to come over here and not give me any... tuh! He was at full attention all in a matter of seconds, and I took full advantage of that. 

The next morning I went for a run and decided to return Walts call from last night. The phone rang but he didn't answer. I quickly thought - "he'll call back right back."  As he often does when he misses my phone call. 

My phone rang 3 minutes later and without digging into my pocket to screen the call, I immediately connected via bluetooth. "Hey you" I answered. 

Erica and Tammy screamed in the phone " Bitchhhhhhhhhhhh!" 

Erica and Tam are two of my friends at work. We never really talked about anything but our men and other people. Gossip Galore! They were really cool girls. I liked them but we we're not the call each other on a Sunday type of friends. So their voices completely shocked me on the other end of my phone. Nonetheless, I was glad to get the Tea and some entertainment after my workout...

"You two are too much!" I said while cracking up. They filled me in on Erica's very busy weekend with her old boo thing. She's been trying to get that old thing back for some time now and he wasn't having it. It was a long story about her still being in love with her son's father and wanting to give that another try... although in my option she should leave that right where it ended. Her "side piece" as she always referred to him seemed like the perfect man and they were messing around for a long while, she regretted letting that one go, and now that she finally notices that her baby daddy is not worth her time; she wants that old thing back.  She finally was able to break some ground with him this yesterday. They had a very long talk. So she and Tam were filling me in on that conversation. 

"I really feel like I couldn't have made it as serious as he wanted it to be cuz madd sh*t was in the way! I was carrying around feelings for Diego. Plus I didn't know if my family would have welcomed him. They ain't racist or anything, it would just be super different to them for me not to bring home a Spanish guy" Explains Erica 

"So, are your folks like.... prejudice?" I asked completely curious now, as a very prod black woman. 

"Nah, I think it would just take them by surprise. And "side piece" is a little rough around the edges. That Brooklyn mysterious thug shit is cute to us, not so much to the older people" she chulckes.

"I guess, I understand" I ended the questioning because I honestly didn't want to debate race relations and social economic injustices today. I often had to explain to most latinos that the only difference between us and them, was a boat stop.. But I'm not about to get into that conversation with these ladies. They are my co workers first, and I don't need any added tension at work. Bad enough, I am low key dating Walt. 

The girls and I talked till I made it back home. I told them about the new guy I'm seeing and they were dying for more. I couldn't give them too much because I didn't want them to know it was a guy from our job. So I kept it very chill and just told them he's damn near perfect with a swag like Jigga. But most importantly, he makes me feel like a roses wrapped in gold. Which was all they should know anyway.

"I'm home now, let me get my life right. Raymond is over this weekend. I'll see ya'll fools tomorrow"

We hung up screaming the universal catty woman goodbye:  "yasssssssss!" The 

I walked my butt right into the Erica's department as soon as my work slowed down. 

The girls and I picked up right where we left off on yesterdays conversation. I asked Eric if she heard from "side piece" today and she said no. She had texted him this morning but didn't get a reply yet. I assured her that he would text back soon. "These men always come back" I said. We laughed at the accuracy of the statement.

I told them what I was wearing on my date tonight with "new boo" and how tonight was the night I would tell him about Raymond. They wished me luck. I didn't think I was going to need it until that moment. 

"I will probably never date another Spanish guy again after what side piece put me onto!" Erica laughed

"It must be true then, once you go black..." I teased her. 

She was really in her feelings over this guy. She is a good girl and deserves to be happy. Her son's father put her through some crap and she should fight for her man back. I'm here for this... Plus, its completely entertaining, I thought to myself. 

 We were coming up with a plan to get him back to her. Typical girl stuff. Tammy agreed to call him on her phone so she could convince him to take her out. 

"Hey brother!" Tammy said into the phone. 

The conversation went organically until Erica hinted for her to get to the point. I was ready for the juice too, to be honest. I looked at my phone and saw that I had to head out to get ready for my date. 

Tammy got "side piece" to agree to go out and talk to Erica which was more than we expected.

"Hold on, Ima give the phone to Erica. Be nice bro" Tammy snapped. 

Tammy put the phone on speaker and handed it to Erica. 

"Aight" I heard through the phone. 

As much as I wanted to get this tea, I had to go. I mimed to them to call me later and I headed for the door.  

I was putting the final touches on my make up when my phone rang. It was Walt, telling me he's downstairs. I didn't feel comfortable with inviting him upstairs yet - so I told him I'll be down in 15 mins. 

Which in woman's time is a half hour.. 

I came down in an all black fashion Nova jump suit, that snugged every curve of my body. I hoped to God that there was no rock climbing on our itinerary tonight. 

The thing Walt and I had in common is the skill of very keen observing. So even when looking at you straight in the eyes we were able to give you - in grave detail - everything that was happening around us. We both noticed it about each other and started calling ourselves cops. "Bad Boyz for life" we would say after peeping some shh we had no business to.  

So, I knew that even though his eyes were glued to mine as I walked down the steps of my brownstone, he had already examined every inch of my perfect frame. He was looking at me so deeply it almost made me melt. I broke the trace with a joke. "Want my elbow?" We laughed and walked to his car. 

All 5 of our dates were very out of the ordinary. This however, is very romantic and traditional. I am glad, because I could barely breath in my jumpsuit. 

"What was your longest relationship" He asked after we ate our main course. 

Oh we are going there I thought...

"3 Years. It ended badly, I just got fully over it about 9 months ago. It was tough for me." I blurted out.

"Ohhh kay, we don't have to talk about it. Whenever you're ready." he laughed the laugh I adored 

"How about yours?" I questioned 

"I was with a girl for 2 years, my longest relationship. She played a lot of games, I felt like I was being played. I never had proof but I always felt like it, you know?"

"Yea, all too well" I sympathized 

I wanted so badly to tell him about Raymond, but now wasnt the right time. "I'll tell him tomorrow, over text" I thought

We exited the restaurant and for the first time in our 6 dates he leaned in to kiss me. I have been waitning for this moment since I walked up behind him that day for lunch. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. I felt complete. Our passion and chemistry was undeniable and all I wanted to do was be with him all night. Kissing him. 

We drove back to my place hand in hand the entire 37 minute ride. Having a deep talk about life and what we want in a relationship. He told me more about his ex and how he realizes that he doesn't want any secrets. I immediately felt pressure to tell him about Raymond but I chickened out... again.  

We parked in front of my building and he got out to open my door - he pecked my lips with his and it ran a shock through my spine. We hugged each other for a long embrace and when we finally freed ourselves. I looked up at him and stood tense. From the corner of my eye, I saw Raymond walking toward my building. I didn't turn my head or give any inclination that I saw him approaching. I just adjusted my body lanuage and Aura toward Walt and told him I'll see him later.

Walt noticed everything... His eyes held steady on mine. He clenched his teeth, showing his frustration in his jaw line. I immediately felt his disappointment.  He kissed my cheek before getting back into his car - he didn't say a word, didn't turn around or anything. Just got in the car and drove off. 

My heart ached. 

Raymond was at the top of the steps waiting for me. "Shit!" I muttered

"What the fuck was that!!? Who the fuck is that nig**h?

"Ohhh boy, relax" I said. Knowing damn well it was the wrong answer

"Hurry the hell in the house before I make a movie out here!" He barked in his baritone. 

I opened the door to my home and walked in, Raymond quickly on my heels.

He slams the door shut behind us and walks up to me. I have never seen him this upset. I took a deep breath and prepared for the worst. West Indian men are crazy. 



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Story Time: Based On True Events - P3

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