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Shorten your list

Shorten your list

A man walked into my restaurant today and saw me gazing into space - as I often do at work. There was plenty on my brain, yesterday was a complete disaster and of course that affected my mood today.  

He interrupted my thoughts and said “You’re so far away. I used to be just like you when I was younger”. I replied “oh yea?” Brushing off what I assumed to be one of those useless small talks before getting him his server.... Unfortunately it was not. He continued, “As you get older,  your list gets shorter. I used to have many things on my mind..” I just listened, because at this point, whatever he had to get off his chest this morning was meant for me. So, I gave him my full attention.  

“I got it down to 7 things” he said. Not fully understanding what he meant by this, I giggled and said that’s impressive. Before he sat down to have his breakfast, he looked at me and told me to “shorten your list”.  

It took a moment for that to resonate with me. Still too preoccupied with my previous thoughts. It wasn’t until an hour later that I randomly ran into him on my way to the restroom. He asked “did you shorten your list” in which I replied “I’m working on it!". It was in that moment that I understood what he meant. 

In this life, only a handful of things are of life changing significance. The things that matter most should be the only thing that have the power to move you, and consume you. A lot of times, we give too much energy to things that don’t reallllly matter. I have a tendency of overly stressing things I have no control over and that distracting me from the people and things that should. 

I have to shorten my list. The man told me to get it down to 7 things. Ill spend the rest of the day focusing on that, rather than how crappy yesterday was. Not important.

So far, my list consist of this 

  • My God

  • My Family

  • My Dreams and Passions

I'm still working it - and It may change. I'll keep you updated.


Thanks Sir.  




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