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January 30th 2014

January 30th 2014

Dear you,

I honestly can't tell you how we both got here. It's kind of funny actually, you weren't "supposed" to be for me. No one thought I would be the one you chose. I was so afraid, of everything. I didn't think I had enough of me for you. I honestly thought that loving you would stop me. Like, most of my loves before. 

But you somehow made sure, from the very first moment you arrived in my life that you were going to be my peace. I try not to put too much pressure on you though, I'm supposed to be the strong one, the leader of sorts. But, I find it so much more satisfying letting you make the first steps. Guiding you with my words, but never pushing - never wanting to make you hesitant or uncertain of yourself. You are awesome and so amazing, and you will make changes to impact the world. This letter is for no one else but you. 


I only want to make you proud to be mine. Every move made is to ensure we - you and me - are happy. For my happiness is found in the sound of your heartbeat, and in the beat of your heart is the soundtrack of God's love, his most amazing gift to me. You.

So mommy named you KENNEDY, a reminder to never stop reaching, no matter what. So on this day, of your birth I so boldly attempt to remake the happiest day of my life, the happiest day of ours. 

I honestly can't tell you how we both got here. But we are indeed here. And, look, we aren't doing that bad of a job. lol

Happy 3rd Birthday babygirl.. I love you, God bless you. 

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