For the young queen building her dreams and the occasional king that wants to take a peak..

There is a movement happening - Young women of color are winning, defying odds, and serving major magic! I think is time we talk about it. It’s time we showcase the force and faces behind the magic. The mission for this blog is to shed a light on the - often ignored - popping black/brown women who live in the middle. You know, the girl falls down.. a lot! The ladies who refuse to claim perfection and those who aren't afraid to admit that she deals with real life stuff. This is for the women who had to teach themselves how to be a young melinated millennial woman - that drinks enough water, exercises, moisturizes, can be as slick talking as Cookie and as well represented and respected as Michelle and do everything in between! This is for young women who have a deep desire to freestyle the change we want to BE in our community - all while keeping true to ourselves. 

The main goal is to Inspire, Create and Build something bigger than what you can SEE.

You have to FEEL this.

This is for the culture, this is for the girl in the middle & trust, the revolution WILL be blogged! 

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Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.
— Some awesome woman who OBVIIII knows what's up

This is for all the women, women of color and colorful people, whose stories, ideas thoughts, are not always considered worthy and valid and important, but I want you to know that I see you. We see you...
— Our very first good good "Girlfriend" Joan Clayton AKA Tracee Ellis Ross

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