Cía Aura


Born and raised in the Bronx and a lover of all things Hip Hop and black culture, Cìa prides herself of the rich culture and potential of her beloved Borough. She is an advocate for the disenfranchised youth in her community and uses her influence to assist in the re-building of the South Bronx.

Cìa Aura launched feelheraura.com in January 2017 with a pressing desire to share her experiences about love, life and everything in between. Not because she believes that her experiences are her's alone, but because she knows that there are young mothers, entrepreneurs, and amazingly bomb boss ass young black and brown women who have similar stories. FHA.com was created to empower, inspire and connect a disenfranchised group who have plenty to offer the world - and to give a voice to those who have yet to demand their seat at the table. With a passion for writing and storytelling she takes readers on a journey that will for sure keep them at the mercy of their phones.

Cìa also uses her platform to promote a healthy aura, a fulfilling lifestyle and a positive mind. Her writings and inspirational pieces where she unapologetically touches on spirituality, politics and women empowerment have reached and inspired hundreds since launching almost three years ago.  

Feelheraura.com was created to Inspire, Build and Create. 

Stay Beautiful. Vibrate Higher. Feel Your Aura.




This is my blessing, this is my passion.
School of hard knock.... I took night classes
— 2 Chains

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