Shhh-ort Stories

Yup! If your mum still covers your eyes in the middle of movies when there's a sex scene, then this part of my blog isn't for you - not yet. 

My 20's have been a saga - of love, lost, up's and of course plenty of downs.  I felt it absolutely necessary to create shh-ort stories that may have happened to me or the people closest to me. A collection of stories which I like to call "shh-ort stories" because of their explicit content and deep relevance. They are raw writings, intended to promote deeper thoughts into our everyday struggles and to make you laugh.. and laugh hard. 

 I hope you all enjoy.


Feature 1

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The Homecoming - Part One 

In this city it’s all about who you know - so my girls and I are tight. No new friends - because we know that people smell opportunity like freshly baked bread around here... 

pt 2.jpg

The Homecoming - Part Two

“What’s your safe word?” He whispers in my ear.  He thrust deep and hard inside of me, not to miss a beat. 

“Porsche” I manage to say before things got real in the shower.