This is Her journey to self love and expression. A trip to where she needs to be. Finding Her home in Her heart and living there in Her truth.

Welcome to my blog! Just one small reminder... "I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shi*" 


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The Colored Women

Unprotected you are,

Comparing another women to you, is impossible.

You are one of a kind. 

INTELLIGENT and intuitive.

Your compassion, always mistaken for anger,

You are the head of your dynasty,

The President, Mayor and Lead Singer.

You carry our Kings for 9 months.

Queens are delivered, because of you.

You beat the odds, your obstacles do not define you.

Your past mistakes,

Will transform you, creative you.

The worlds Empress. who Rules? what is your name.


My Disease

His Lost, Her Lesson.