Star H. Harris

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This is.....

The beauty of writing, for me at least is spending my most precious time alone, in a space without noise. We ALL have that place we go to, in order to free our minds and recharge. For me it's my journal. Since a teenager, I depended on my journal - using the paper and my pen to design the woman who I am now, very proud to be.  

"Like most humans, I've made mistakes on my quest, striving for "perfection". But what fun is that when you aren't being authentic to yourself? I threw that ish out the window & decided to live on my terms."

Our platform was created to remind you that you are superhuman, owning immeasurable power and you can live life gracefully, on your terms. The world needs you.  Never allow society's rules & opinions to alter your beliefs in creating, what you define as Greatness. 

Thank you in advance for supporting the movement.

Now, allow others to FEEL YOUR AURA.


IG: @Star._r    FB: Star Harris

IG: @Star._r

FB: Star Harris